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Application Services

Retail Software



Our Retail software solution is dynamically fit for any size of business whether you have a big supermarket or small boutique shop.

Time & Attendance Management

Time & Attendance


Automate, Improve HR efficiency, employee engagement and create happier work places with our intelligent software solutions and hardware.

Restaurant Point of Sale Software

Restaurant Point

of Sale Software

Automate your restaurant sales and properly manage inventory, reporting and improve your guest service.

Wireless Solutions



We specialize in designing and implementation of high-speed indoor and outdoor wireless networks for all kinds business such as Hotels, Apartments, Malls, Airports, School Campuses.

WiFi Management Solution

WiFi Management Solution

We delighted to offer our clients with Next Generation Hotspot Authentication that gives your guests a frictionless, portal-less, way to access your secure network. Our solution guarantees the Wi-Fi experience for guests and delivers Compliance, Productivity and insights to both the brands and network operators.

RF & MicrowaveSolution

RF & MicrowaveSolution

Our solution ensures greater first-pass design success with proven simulation technology. Increasing network complexity can significantly increase demand on network management. Take advantage of our network automation systems and make life simpler and more affordable. Simplify your branch office connections for more reliable and secure application delivery, with centralized WAN management and monitoring.

Total Autonomous Networking​

Total Autonomous Networking

Automate your network management using a single intelligent tool to combine intelligence and security with easy management, while reducing risk and cost. Our smart security solutions protect your wired and wireless network from internal threats by automatically quarantining suspect devices. IT Managers can now relax and enjoy a self-defending network.

IP Video Servelliance

IP Video Servelliance

We protect and secure your network with intelligent, high performing video surveillance solutions with lower operating costs.

Supply and Logistics

Supply and Logistics

We source and supply IT related items to our clients on request at the most affordable rates.